• Question: will abyssals gene be used in medical procedures to calm down stress

    Asked by chickensalad21 to Abyssal Grenadier on 4 Dec 2017.
    • Photo: Abyssal Grenadier

      Abyssal Grenadier answered on 4 Dec 2017:

      Fantastic question and idea!! While this isn’t our first or second reason for sequencing the abyssal grenadier’s genome, this is definitely a potential in the future. The abyssal grenadier lives in a high-stress environment (total darkness, low food, cold water, and crushing pressures). One avenue that we want to understand is how their genes are adapted and tolerate living the high-stress conditions. There are many medicines that come from the deep-sea. By understanding the genes and the grenadiers adaption to the deep sea, we might discover a new drug or compound that could be used to reduce anxiety!